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C7000 OA Firmware upgrade

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C7000 OA Firmware upgrade

Hi I have to upgrade the OA's on 19 C7000 the problem I have is that some of the OA's are v 2.10 and I am concerned about these going wrong what is the best way to do this could I go straight to v3.31 or will I need to upgrade in steps also what are the pre-requisits for the firmware upgrade I have searched loads of links but not found anything conclusive. Any help would be much appreciated.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: C7000 OA Firmware upgrade


That's quite a project!

has quite a lot of information. Seen that?
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Re: C7000 OA Firmware upgrade

Thanks for the link but what i need to know is some of the OA cards are on firmware 2.10 or 2.4 can I upgrade these straight to 3.30 or do I have to do them incrementally


Re: C7000 OA Firmware upgrade

Yes 19 enclosures, is a project.

I belive you can go strait, but why don't you test it?
Pick an enclosure, of low importence.
If you got 2 OA's. Remove 1, and test on the other.

I have createt a document of my own notes, on things to beware of. I will post it on monday.

You also have to upgrade all the servers :)

If you're using HP SIM:
6.2 must be patched.
or upgrade to 6.3.


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Re: C7000 OA Firmware upgrade

Here's the notes that I have collected on issues.


Some may be obsolete. And there's most likely issues, that I'm not aware of.


Issue Broadcom and ESX 4.1 see vmware kb 1029368 Broadcom nic.


See also kb 1029398 for a patch


Windows. ILo2  Fw 1.81 or older. Must upgrade Ilo driver first see:


Windows Broadcom driver. Windows 2003, 2008. If Broadcom driver is older than ver.,

Then must be installed first:


Re-enumeration  at BIOS upgrade


Upgrade seq.


2. ILO

3. PMC

4. OA

Inteconnect modules.

1, 2 and 3 done booting on the FW DVD. Then you don't need to think over the sequence.


Currently PSP 8.70 and FW DVD 9.30.


If VC is older than 1.34, then VC should be upgraded prior to OA.

Page 16.


NIC 10Gbe:  > >


OA 3.30 and HP SIM 6.2:

Install the HOTFIX  ( ):





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Re: C7000 OA Firmware upgrade

You can jump straight to OA firmware  3.30 but you will need to upgrade all your ILO's, Bios, VC modules etc...use the link posted and there is a matrix of what all firmware is required for OA 3.30.