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C7000 OA .vs Intel/AMD blades

JL Billman

C7000 OA .vs Intel/AMD blades

We have both Itanium and Intel/AMD blades in C7000 enclosures. We have noticed no probems with the OAs on enclosures with only itanium blades. On enclosures we have seen all kinds of weird problems wit hthe OA's on enclosures with IA32/AMD blades. We have had problems configuring standby OA's, logging into standby or primary OA's and problems communicating with blades.

Anyone know of any class problems with IA32/AMD based blades?
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000 OA .vs Intel/AMD blades

Nearly all problems are to do with firmware levels on all the various bits.
Is everything on one of the compatability lists on