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C7000 Onboard Administrator - Standby stuck in initiliasing

Frequent Advisor

C7000 Onboard Administrator - Standby stuck in initiliasing

Hi there,

Due to a new server naming convention change I had to change the name of both my standby and active OA's, and during the name change the active went through fine, but the standby has gone offline and says 'initialising' even after setting the IP details on the LCD display. I can't ping it, but all looks fine on the switch and network side.

The weird thing is if I do an active to standby transition, the standby one becomes active and works fine, I can access it's IP address and ping it once it's active, but then the previous active one which becomes standby, I can't get to that one with the same problem!

So pretty much only the active one works while there's a problem with the standby.

Has anyone seen this before? Currently using 2.41 firmware, it's a new enclosure so there are no servers in there, just 2x cisco switches and 2x brocade san switches and the 2x onboard administrators.

Any help is appreciated.

Frequent Advisor

Re: C7000 Onboard Administrator - Standby stuck in initiliasing

Upgrading to the 2.51 firmware has fixed the issue.