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C7000 Power Supply efficiency question from customer

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C7000 Power Supply efficiency question from customer

Joe had a customer looking at blade enclosure power supply efficiencies:




From customer:
In trying to assess the impact to energy consumption of disabling "power saver" mode on the C7000 chassis, I need to be able to evaluate the power loss as a result of operating the power supply at a reduced power and as a result at a reduced efficiency.

About a year ago you sent me a different power supply efficiency chart for the C7000 power supply.  I wonder if you could put your hands on it again.  Specifically I am interested in the efficiency curve for the 2,400 Watt power supply, in our C7000 chassis.  The range that I will be interested in is between 0 watts and 1,000 watts.




reply from Brad:




Joe, the easiest thing for you and the customer to do is to go out to and download the pdf. It is a third party report and is very complete.




Get more info here: