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C7000 Power allocated higher than actual power capacity

Nicolai Rasmussen
Regular Advisor

C7000 Power allocated higher than actual power capacity

We're running C7000s with a mix of G7 and Gen8 blades (Running 3.70 on the OAs).


The enclosures are powered by 4 (four) HP 2400W 80 PLUS PLATINUM power supplies.


The power supplies are running in AC Redundant mode in a 2 plus 2 configuration, meaning the available power in the enclosure is 2x2450W (why they are called 2400W put actually output 2450W I don't know!) = 4900W.


After adding more and more Gen8 servers, we've discovered that the "Power allocated" within the enclosure has surpassed the actual Power available. Right now, we have an enclosure with 5062W/4900W allocated. The funny thing is that the enclosure just raise the power available to the exact amount of the power allocated. Which is fine by me, I just want to know if this is the STANDARD behavior. Currently the enclosure is only using 2699W/4900W(5062W), so we're nowhere near the actual power allocation.


However, I'm curious what would happen if I lose two of my power supplies (say PDU-A dies in my rack). What would happen then? The enclosure would NOT be able to raise the power available limit above 4900W.

I can of course TEST this, but I would really like to know if anyone else is in a similar situation as myself. Our power calculations was done with G7+10%, and it seems Gen8 go way above that (in their allocation, not in their actual power usage).


I'm asking because up until Gen8, I've been fine with only 4 power supplies in my enclosures. I need to know if I now have to raise it to 6 (as Gen8 seem vastly more power hungry than G7 unfortunately)...