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C7000 Running 465 G8 Blades need suggestions for DAS

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C7000 Running 465 G8 Blades need suggestions for DAS

Have 2 x C7000 fully loaded with BL465 G8. C7000 has 571956-B21. Want to do DAS. Can I use the 571956-B21 or do I need a different interconnect? Also should my storage be a MSA 2040 or can I get away with using something like a D2600? 


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Re: C7000 Running 465 G8 Blades need suggestions for DAS

Well the Virtual Connect module you specify is not really for DAS (direct attach storage) and VC does not handle SAS.  If you want to share SAS storage with the blades you can think about getting the 6Gb SAS Switch Interconnects.


These will allow you to attach a D2700, D2600, P2000g3 or MDS600/D6000 and then create storage zones that you can map to the server blades.  You will need P721m mezzanine cards for each server blade as well.

The Deployment Guide on the referenced page will give you more details.


To use the VC interconnect modules you have, you will need to connect to a SAN (FC or iSCSI).


Hope this helps!




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Re: C7000 Running 465 G8 Blades need suggestions for DAS

Bob addressed your Virtual Connect part of your question. Let me take on the storage piece. You can get away with MSA 2040 or D2600.  But that would be like asking can I race my Corvette or Chevette.  Both will get you across the finish line but what they do and how the do it is very different. Given you said you want DAS, that leads away from the MSA 2040 because it is a RAID array, not DAS. Do you have more context to give you a better answer? What are your requirements?