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C7000 and SB40C Questions

Hal Sarf
Occasional Visitor

C7000 and SB40C Questions


I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help with:

1) Is there a limit to how many SB40c Storage Blades I can have in my C7000 enclosure? I am considering adding a second SB40c right now. I currently have 11/16 device bay's occupied.

2) Can anyone anticipate any issues installing 6x 600GB 10k SAS SFF drives into a SB40c? Would there be any firmware upgrade requirements, etc?

Thanks in advance
The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000 and SB40C Questions

Hi Hal,

For question 2:


says that the 600GB 7.5K SAS drives are supported now. The "Whats New" section indicates that support for the 10K drives is on its way. (guess you need an HP answer about whether it has arrived yet)

Hal Sarf
Occasional Visitor

Re: C7000 and SB40C Questions

Hi Dave,

I saw that in the What's new guide also - do you know if a firmware upgrade is required for "What's New" functionality on an older SB40c?

Honored Contributor

Re: C7000 and SB40C Questions


You can install a maximum of 8 SB40c storage blades in a C7000 enclosure. They must be installed always in the adjacent slot besides the halfheight blade that needs to connect to that storage.
If you have full height blades, you can have a maximum of 4 storage blades. And they must be in the lower slot besides the full height blade. In the remaining slot just above you can insert 8 half height blades but they do not have access to the storage blades.

Regarding the firmware; always check that you have a recent firmware installed on it. If you want support from HP, you will always need the latest firmware... ;-)
It is not that complicated though with the Firmware CD...

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