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C7000 high temperatur behaviour

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C7000 high temperatur behaviour


can I set in the C7000 that the server should be shutdown if a specified temperatur status is reached. Or I have to set this in every blade server manually in that's bios? What is the standard behavior of it?

At the moment we have three bl480cG1 and two bl460cG1 in our C7000,

Thanks for you help

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Re: C7000 high temperatur behaviour

Hi U,

There is no method to change the Thermal Shutdown RBSU setting via the Onboard Administrator. You will have to visit each blade to set this value.

Per the RBSU guide here:

"The Thermal Shutdown option is a toggle setting that determines when the server automatically powers down due to dangerous temperatures. When the setting is enabled(default), the Advanced System Management Driver initiates a system shutdown when the temperature reaches within 5 degrees of critical level. When the setting is disabled, the Advanced System Management Driver shuts down the system at critical level."

Good luck.

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Re: C7000 high temperatur behaviour


WFH-WI said, you need to set it to each blade!!

But you have a C 7000 enclousre and why at all you keep such a hot place ?

I hope you have installed the powersupply fans proper slots. It is very important in case if 7000.

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Re: C7000 high temperatur behaviour


thanks for your reply. Thas is what I suspected.

The C7000 is not on a hot location, but if we get a longer power outage for example and our air condition, don't work, then it is better, that the server shutdown, before they get damaged by overheating. I know that is the worst case for this.

Thanks Daniel