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C7000 midplane change... serial number??

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C7000 midplane change... serial number??

We changed a C7000 midplane (see other post about fans) and had some trouble to get VC profiles run after the change because the enclosure serial number changed. We had to delete the old profiles and make new ones.

The problem is that the serial number of the enclosure must be changed to the previous BEFORE blades and I/O modules are installed.... we know that now .-)

Here is my question:
I changed another C7000 midplane here in the lab and strangely the serial number did not change. I powered the enclosure up with only power supplies, OA and fans. Checking the encl.SN in the OA "Enclosure Information"

Where is that serial number stored? And why does it change in one case but not in the other?? Does that depend on the OA firmware? Or if you have servers installed or not?

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