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C7000 power supply deduction

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C7000 power supply deduction

Chris has a power supply question:




Hi, Experts.


My customer has some problems on C7000 enclosure power supply.


Power environment is AC Power redundancy mode.

And power supply is 6 * 2400w and effcient power is 1800W each.


If the 3 power supplys go down, 3 other power supplys' output was reduced to1400w each at any moment.

In the end, all servers within a enclosure don't work properly.


Could anyone do any comments?




Monty got involved:




Can you send me an email with the OA show all for this enclosure with all six power supplies running - and a second OA show all with only three power supplies running as you describe below?


HP c-Class enclosure power supplies (that are active) always share the entire enclosure load.  The enclosure load does not change when power supplies are placed in standby if Dynamic Power Savings is enabled, nor does it change when power supplies fail – the enclosure load is just redistributed to the remaining power supplies.




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