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C7000 test setup

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C7000 test setup

Hi all

i have a c7000 im using as a test bed. i need to test the VC-FC 4Gb module and wondered what the simpliest but most effective way to test one would be.

would it be possible to connect a VC-FC module using all 4 ports to a FC switch and from the switch an MSA unit that has 4x volumes and each volume assigned to a FC port.

Would 2x blades with dual FC cards see 2x volumes each?

IF this makes sense!!!!



Re: C7000 test setup


I hope the VC-ENET / FlexFabric Modules are installed on the Primary two interconnect slots of the enclosure.

We strongly suggest using the 4GB VC-FC with conjuction to a VC ENET/Fabric Modules on the 1st and 2nd slots of the Blade chassis Interconnect Modules and not as StandAlone.

there are two supported VC SAN fabric types, Fabric-Attach fabrics and Direct- Attach fabrics. A Fabric-Attach fabric uses the traditional method of connecting VC-FC and VC FlexFabric modules, which requires an upstream NPIV-enabled SAN switch. A Direct-Attach fabric reduces storage networking costs and removes the complexity of FC switch management by enabling you to directly connect a VC FlexFabric module to a supported HP 3PAR Storage System.

Please refer the Document below which explains Rules, Supported Configuration examples:






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Re: C7000 test setup


Thanks for you reply

yes im using the Vc-enet aswell.

the one thing i wanted to confirm is can i configure it so the 2x blades with dual FC ports be mapped to 2x ports on the VC-Fc card?