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CPLD Firmware Version 15 is missing from HP's ftp site

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CPLD Firmware Version 15 is missing from HP's ftp site



Im trying to get some blade (BL465c G7) System ROMs updated but they wont take any updates,


I have found a couple of solutions which point to  this page and it looks to have a fix ready to go


Advisory: (Revision) ProLiant BL465c G7 Servers - A Limited Number of ProLiant BL465c G7 Server Blades May Be Unable to Flash the System ROM to a Later Version


however the link to the

Windows Smart Component:

doesnt work anymore...   :-(   :-(   :-(

looks like the Linux one is still there but i would really prefer windows as i dont have any linux systems available to use at the moment

I really hope someone can help


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Re: CPLD Firmware Version 15 is missing from HP's ftp site

I've spent hours trying to piece together the wreck that is HP's firmware update repository, before finally managing to find a working solution.  To save time for people in the future who come here from google, here's how to fix this:

  1. You'll have to coldboot your blade (as in, physically pull it out of the chassis. Sorry)
  2. Download this ISO - - That link was made by a user in this thread. Make sure you log in and give him Kudos. /t5/HPE-BladeSystem/Error-whilst-upgrading-to-the-lastest-BIOS-for-a-BL465c-G7/m-p/6699831#M19840 - if it ever vanishes, find me on twitter or gmail or anything (I'm xrobau everywhere) and ask me for it again. 
  3. Boot from that ISO. It will boot and look like this:
  4. Select yes. Let it flash.
  5. You will get kicked out of ILO. I immediately reconnected without a problem.
  6. You'll then see this. Do what it says. (Note the ISO does *not* shut the machine down, you'll have to do that manually - shut it down, and then pull the blade)
  7. Re-run the SPP and everything will work.

Note that I am using the SPP with the exact filename of SPP2015100.2015_0921.6.iso to do this, and it works.