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Can't see virtual WWNs

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Can't see virtual WWNs

Hi Folks,

I have a problem with the virtual WWNs.
I used a predefined range from the GUI. After defining and and assiging a server profile I still see the "old" physical WWWN on our Brocade director. Not the expected virtual one. As I understand, the zoning should be done with the virtual one??

On the VC-Manager side everythink looks OK.

The firware on the Emulex LPe1105-HP is already upgraded to the latest one. HBAnywhere reports also the "old" WWWNs on the HBAs :-(
Server profile was already re-assigned several times.

The VC-Manager is on version 1.16 and Brocade directors are also upgraded and NPIV is activated.

Any ideas?

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Re: Can't see virtual WWNs

If you are still seeing the Factory Default WWNs in HBAnywhere then this is most likely an Emulex Firmware issue. I would doublecheck to make sure it is indeed:

Multiboot: 6.00a2
BIOS: 3.00a4
Firmware: 2.50a8
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Re: Can't see virtual WWNs

Hello HEM,

I've upgraded to the mentioned BIOS Version.
And this solved the problem!! Virtual WWWNs are seen now locally on the server (HBAanywhere and on the SAN director switch)

Thanks a lot for the hint.

To summarize:
Upgrade BIOS AND firmware of the HBA to the latest version (even if you don't use the boot from SAN option)

Thanks and regards

Re: Can't see virtual WWNs

I was having the same problem, so I upgraded my HBA BIOS to 6.00A2 (it was 6.00A1). After rebooting HBAnywhere does not even see the adaptor anymore. The LightPulse Utility new recognizes the Virtual WWN's, but any suggestions on why HBAnywhere doesn't work anymore?
Jeff Allen_5
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Re: Can't see virtual WWNs

You need the latest HBAnywhere.