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Cannot connect 460c blades to UPS Network Module

Dan Draghici
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Cannot connect 460c blades to UPS Network Module

Hello everyone,


I'm having a somewhat wierd problem:


I have a c3000 enclosure with 4 BL460c Gen8 blade servers...which I want to connect using HP Power Protector software to a 7KVA HP UPS that is equiped with a AF465A Network Module.


But I cannot detect the module from any of my blade servers...but I can detect if from any other computer on my network. The blades all run Win 2008 R2 (some of them are hyper-v hosts if that matters..I can't see the module from any VM running on them either).


The only difference between the blades and the rest of my network is that the blades are connected to the rest of the network via a 6120XG blade switch.

The blade switch only has a minimal config so nothing that would somehow limit conectivity.


The thing is I can ping the UPS module from a blade and even open it's control panel via web browser but just can't detect it from HPPP software.



Does anyone have any ideea what the problem is and how to fix it?


Thanks a lot,

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Re: Cannot connect 460c blades to UPS Network Module

Hello Dan,


Please check if the UPS Network Modules is showing under Device Discovery screen of HP Power Protector Software. If not please try to manually discover devices. Manual discovering information and more information is available in the below URL, page # 51.


Please try the above steps and check if the issue is resolved.



Nidhen B S


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