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Cant upgrade NIC on BL460c

Ross Devine
Occasional Visitor

Cant upgrade NIC on BL460c

Hi Guys.

Having a nightmare with a BL460c NIC.

I tried installing the latest NCU and multifunction gigabit adaptor driver to cure a problem with a BSOD when network teaming.
Drivers installed...
Multifunction NIC

The NCU installed without issue however the NIC driver failed to install properly leaving my system in a bit of a mess and unable. leaving only two faulting virtual Bus devices.

After much tampering I managed to reinstalled an earlier version of the driver, reran PSP7.9 which put me into the position that I was before I started.

I then tried to manually upgrade to driver version by using Update driver, which appeared to be a success but when checking in device manager - properties - it reports that version is installed... and to confuse things further if you click 'driver detials' button it says that the original version ( is still in use.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can upgrade correctly, or get rid of the remnants of the failed install.

This is proving frustrating now as, teaming is reporting that I have the wrong miniport driver,

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Re: Cant upgrade NIC on BL460c

Well, try following:

1. uninstall NCU (it is a component of the tcp/ip stick)
2. go in device manager and manually uninstall both network adapters.
3. reboot the server
4. then windows will report new hardware found, install the drivers (good idea is to download and extract the package before the uninstall process in step 2)
5. after successful installation install the ncu 8.80.1. If it doesn't work try with the 9. version.

I hope you will fix it that way.

Kind regards,
Ross Devine
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cant upgrade NIC on BL460c

Hi Thanks for the information.

I tried what you suggested and it apperared to work however when you delve deaper that the surface it would appear that the NIC is still using the old driver.

I think it's having trouble updating the virtual Bus driver.

When I try uninstalling this it just autmatically tries to install one of it's choosing. If I try and update this driver manually it reports that it's failed to update.

Very frustrating.

Any further help appreciated
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Re: Cant upgrade NIC on BL460c


you can check here, there are some things you can try :

same problem, don't know if there is a solution yet...