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Changing IP Address to interconnect modules

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Changing IP Address to interconnect modules

Hi guys,


I've got a c3000 system with a HP !/10Gb-Enet Module and 2 HP 4gb VC-FC Modules. After one reboot each module takes an IP and 2 of them (FC modules) are in conflict with 2 servers. I'm able to change the EBIPA for the Enet module (interconnect bay 1) but not for the 2 others (bays 3 & 4). I tried via web admin and via CLI. In fact everything seems to be right by finally the IP's aren't changed. This is the display for "show ebipa"

EBIPA Device Interconnect Settings
Bay Enabled EBIPA/Current   Netmask         Gateway         DNS             NTP            Domain
--- ------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----                    ----------- ------
  1   Yes


  2    No         

  3    No         


  4    No         



As you can see I disabled the ebipa in 3 & 4 bays but they still have setup the wrong IP.


I've got setup the OA as Static IP.


Does anybody know how can I force the change?


Many thanks for your time and help.


Re: Changing IP Address to interconnect modules

Just in case anybody has the same issue:
I was able to reset both cards yesterday and IP changes were applied. It sounds a little bit odd to me that you can change IP's in any machine without restarting them but you have to do it in these cards which must to be working 99.9% of the time.