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Chassis Config Script - Partial vs Whole

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Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Chassis Config Script - Partial vs Whole

I was wondering if the Chassis Config Script has to have ALL entries populated or can I import a config script with only the settings I wish to change?

If I need to make a quick change to a particular group of fields, like for instance the NTP settings, I am hoping I can just generate a script with JUST those settings and import it into the chassis rather than having to export all the settings, change the NTP stuff and then reimport the whole thing.

I know with iLO XML scripts you can do this but I wasn't sure about the Blade OA since the syntax is different.

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Re: Chassis Config Script - Partial vs Whole


Yes You can, check the config script output from OA, those are invidual "commands" to set specific parameters.
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Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Re: Chassis Config Script - Partial vs Whole

Awesome thanks!

I am hoping to have a site specific script with all the common things like NTP, SNMP, AD Auth, etc and then have a Chassis Specific script with things like IP, Asset Tag and such.

Then I will just import both scripts one after another to deploy a chassis.

Something changes on the Site_Common script, I can change it and reimport to all chassis in that site.