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Cisco Blade Switch 3020

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Cisco Blade Switch 3020

hello we have Cisco Blade Switch 3020
we have 16 blade we have 16 internal port
and 1 external port SFP\rj45 fiber port

i wanted to monitor these ports

question 1- how can i monitor these ports
question 2- how can i use its own monitor tool
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Re: Cisco Blade Switch 3020

Login to Onboard Administrator and select 3020 under interconnect Bays.
Click on the Management console Link you should be able to Manage all the Ports.
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Re: Cisco Blade Switch 3020

These are the monitoring features:
â ¢ Switch LEDs that provide port- and switch-level status

â ¢ MAC address notification traps and RADIUS accounting for tracking users on a network by storing the MAC addresses that the switch has learned or removed

â ¢ Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) and Remote SPAN (RSPAN) for traffic monitoring on any port or VLAN (except for the fa0 interface)

â ¢ SPAN and RSPAN support of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to monitor, repel, and report network security violations

â ¢ Four groups (history, statistics, alarms, and events) of embedded RMON agents for network monitoring and traffic analysis

â ¢ Syslog facility for logging system messages about authentication or authorization errors, resource issues, and time-out events

â ¢ Layer 2 traceroute to identify the physical path that a packet takes from a source device to a destination device

â ¢ Time Domain Reflector (TDR) to diagnose and resolve cabling problems on 10/100/1000 copper Ethernet ports

â ¢ SFP module diagnostic management interface to monitor physical or operational status of an SFP module

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Re: Cisco Blade Switch 3020

Raghuarch i see the page
but in that management console
is there a way to save these grafics with different rates
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Re: Cisco Blade Switch 3020

I know you can't do it from the Graphical user interface of the Switch.
You can Enable Telnet and Check it from the Command Line.
For more information refer:

I don't know the exact command to do it.