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Configuring iLO2 via OnBoard Admin won't work ?????

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Configuring iLO2 via OnBoard Admin won't work ?????

I have an issue wherby I have configured the c-class enclosure OAM ip. I log onto that and try and confire the blade server ilo ip's via eipa - but the issue is that it does not do it. Once I hit apply, it returns and "uknown"

I have done this procedure many time on our C-class enclosure and it has worked fine. Apart from this 1 ???

we are running 1.3 firmware for OAM and 1.29 ilo2

any ideas, If I manualy configure via rbsu then it work ok. Bu I want to do it from the onbard admin.

any ideas guys ??
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Re: Configuring iLO2 via OnBoard Admin won't work ?????

These are a couple things I've seen that can cause problems:

- you are trying to assign IP's to the ILOs that aren't in the same subnet as the OA

- the ILO's have some config on them such as VLAN config or are not set for DHCP.

- there is an IP address conflict with the address you are trying to set on the ILOs

Other than that you might try resetting the OA, and/or reseating the blades.

or try OA FW v2.02 with ILO FW v1.30 (of course it would be difficult to get the ILO's updated without IP's)

Re: Configuring iLO2 via OnBoard Admin won't work ?????

Its actually the a firmware problem
upgrade the iLO firmware version to 1.35 first and then the OA to version 2.02a

You may check in the ilo for each server that they have DHCP enabled otherwise you cannot use EBIPA to assign the IP address to them.

Let me know if that works
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Re: Configuring iLO2 via OnBoard Admin won't work ?????

I just upgraded the iLO's to 1.35 and then the OA firmware to 2.02a. After the latter I lost network connectivity to the OA and individual iLO's. What caused this and how can I resolve?