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Connect interconnect Error

Bedenego Quintino
Occasional Contributor

Connect interconnect Error

Good Afternoon

I am setting up a C7000 enclosure, when I try to connect to Fibre Channel it's error "Serial connection is not supported."


> Connect interconnect 4
Serial connection is not supported.

Someone already went through this??
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect interconnect Error

You're apparently trying to get command-line management access to a FibreChannel I/O module in slot 4.

What's the type of the I/O module?

If it's a FibreChannel Pass-Through module, there is literally nothing to configure in the module, so the serial access is not required.

If it's a FC VirtualConnect or a FC switch module, try accessing it through the web GUI.

Set up the Onboard Administrator network interface using the little display in the c7000 front panel, then connect to the OA using a web browser. Use the OA to configure all the iLOs and I/O module management interfaces. The OA has the ability to bypass the iLO and I/O module authentication, if you're logged to the OA as an administrator: just click on the appropriate button in the OA web interface to access the iLO or I/O module configuration interface.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect interconnect Error

If the module is a VC 4G FC module then there is no CLI interface and no User interface for configuration. The Virtual Connect manager takes care of the VC FC Modules.

If it is a FC Switch, then you could probably connect using the IP Address, (cant really say, I dont use them)

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect interconnect Error

As the brit says, if you are using fc switches, you should have an ip showing up for the switch in OA. You can then try to use telnet/ssh/http to access the switch.