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Correct Blade to Bay deployment

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Correct Blade to Bay deployment


I've never questioned how our Blades were deployed before as it just made sense to start at bay 1 and go incrementally. However I've been looking at power recently as we might need to remove 2 of the 6 psu's so we can use the feeds elsewhere and it appears that they should be deployed starting at the top left then bottom, top, bottom etc moving from left to right.

Can someone confirm the correct deployment of Blades.


Ps We're using BL460c G6's
Mark Wibaux
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Re: Correct Blade to Bay deployment

Direct from the HP c7000 Tech Brief

Pooled power
All the power in the c7000 enclosure is part of a single power pool that any server blade within the enclosure can access. This provides maximum flexibility when configuring the power in the system so that customers can choose the required level of redundancy. Because this power design has no zones, it facilitates both N+N and N+1 power modes, which future-proofs the enclosure for higher power requirements, if needed.

So there should be no worries which Power Supplies you remove. The only issue will be around how much power your current blades are using. Check in the Onboard Administrator and you see which power supplies are actually being used by the enclosure. The enclosure will only power on the supplies it needs as it is more energy efficient to fully load a couple of power supplies than to lightly load all six.

Re: Correct Blade to Bay deployment

You should place servers according to page 32, in the document that Mark Wibaux linked to.
That is from a cooling point of view.

If you need to remove power supplies.
I believe it should be 3 and 6.


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The Brit
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Re: Correct Blade to Bay deployment

As stated above, the only considerations for "Blade" population, relate to cooling, and you should follow the guidelines in the link.

Basically, it only really matters if you have less than 8 cooling fans. If you have 8, they go in 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10. You can then put your blades in ANY slot (which supports your blade type, i.e. full or half height. Note there are restrictions relating to installing half heights in the same "Quad" as a full height.

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Re: Correct Blade to Bay deployment

Does the positioning of Blades matter depending on how many PSU's are installed? We do have all the fan's fitted.

We have an enclosure with just 2 Blades (bays 1 and 2) and 6 PSU's installed. However I need to disconnect a couple of the PSU's to allow me to fit 2 more IEC blocks as we're short of these for other installs.

I've got a picture now showing PSU's 1,2 & 4,5 installed and then the Blades installed top and bottom from the left to right.

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Re: Correct Blade to Bay deployment

it does not matter where your PSUs are, You can run two blades with one PSU and if You want to have N+N or 1+N redundancy leave another PSU in the enclosure too.
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