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Corrected Memory Error Threshold exceeded

Henk Jelsma
Occasional Contributor

Corrected Memory Error Threshold exceeded

Which memory module is it when the system tells you that: Corrected Memory Error threshold exceeded (System Memory, Memory Module 3)? Is it the third memory module or is it the memory module in slot/bank 3?

This is for a bl460 which has 4 memory modules in bank 1,3,5,7.
vytautas gerdavaitis
Occasional Advisor

Re: Corrected Memory Error Threshold exceeded


it should be mem in slot 3. for more clearfull identification, you should start HP insigth diagnostics. and the first you see is Survey. scroll down and watch all memory. all have single-bit and multi-bit mark with no errors by default. your bad memory should have Corrected memory error threshold exceeded in one of the memory. here is and example ho it looks as bad. but first you should update bios firmware (for some servers old bios can show wrong memory with this error)