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DIMM Error on BL460c G6

Lash J

DIMM Error on BL460c G6

Hi all,

We've got a BL460c G6 server running Citrix XenServer showing a degraded state, when going through the IML logs, we have an error linked to Processor 1, Memory Module 4.

Now the DIMMS are allocated as follows:

SLOT D - 2 Gb
SLOT A - 16Gb
SLOT E - Blank
SLOT B - 16Gb
SLOT F - Blank
SLOT C - 2 Gb

With the error linked to the Module 4, is it the 4th starting from A, which would give a 2Gb Dimm, or 4th from the list, which would give a 16Gb Dimm.

Thanks for helping.


Jake Mason

Re: DIMM Error on BL460c G6

Try swapping DIMMs to see if the error message carries over with the DIMM. If so, just replace the DIMM. If not, then try clearing logs thru iLO or Smart Start. If you clear logs and it keeps saying the same slot is bad, it could be a system board issue. If that's the case, try updating the firmware and BIOS on the board. If that doesn't work, then call HP.

Re: DIMM Error on BL460c G6


In a BL460c G6 server, memory module 4 means Slot=B

BL460c G6 user guide
Refer to page# 27