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Device bay crosslinks

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Ed Bourne
Occasional Contributor

Device bay crosslinks


slightly confused about the bay-to-bay crosslinks in the C3000 enclosure. All the docs I've found talk about 'adjacent' blades, but they don't say adjacent which way, or if it's both!

What I'm after is knowing if it's possible to attach a tape blade *and* an SB40c DAS blade to a BL460c (for example), or can each server blade only link to one other blade?

Hope someone can help!

Ken Henault

Re: Device bay crosslinks

It's between bays in the same quadrant. So for 1/2 height devices you can connect 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. This means each server can have one partner blade.
Ken Henault
Infrastructure Architect
Ed Bourne
Occasional Contributor

Re: Device bay crosslinks

Ah - simple when it's written like that!

Thanks for your help :)