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Difference between 409513-B21 and 409513-B22

Mike O.
Regular Advisor

Difference between 409513-B21 and 409513-B22

We're in the process of setting up C7000 blade system with Bl465C blades that will be running VMWare. This is our first entry into the blade server environment, previously our network consisted of standard Proliant ML nad DL servers. These will tie into our SAN using Virtual Connect Fiber interconnects to our EMC Connetrix ED48000 fiber switch.

The item we purchased for the SAN connection is the "Virtual Connect Fiber Channel Module for C Class blade system" model 409513-B21.

However, that item now shows on the HP site as # 409513-B22. The specs say it's a replacement for the previous item, with "Enhanced support for server side NPIV". The new model seems to be the same price on the HP site, but the specs don't really provide much insight to what's new.

Can anyone tell me exactly what the difference is between the two models; what the "enhanced support for server side NPIV" involves?

Since we've just received the units, and won't implement them for several weeks, we might be able to exchange them for the B22 versions (I sent an email to our reseller asking about it), but I'm just trying to find out if it's worth the trouble, or will the B21 version provide all the functionality we need.

Any comments would be appreciated.

(In a related note, if anyone can provide any info, tips, etc. on integrating the blades, VC Fiber interconnects, and the EMC 48000 switch, I would appreciate it).

Mike O.
Steve Goble

Re: Difference between 409513-B21 and 409513-B22

I am guessing that you do not really need this information any longer but I did last night. For anyone else that does, "The only true difference between those modules is that the â B21 modules do not support server side NPIV."
Steve Goble