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Disable Telnet on a PC Blade Enclosure Switch

Shawn Reis

Disable Telnet on a PC Blade Enclosure Switch

We have a PC Blade enclosure switch and we are trying to secure it as much as possible but are having a hard time locking down Telnet to the switch. (in particular it's the VLAN IP address that is coming up on our security sweeps, accepting Telnet)

On the GUI for the IA telnet is turned off but on the switch itself I am having no luck.

SSH is turned on but there is no TRANSPORT LINE SSH command to say use SSH. I have tried creating an ACL to deny the IP address (and/or IP Range) port 23 but it doesnt seem to work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



Honored Contributor

Re: Disable Telnet on a PC Blade Enclosure Switch

on the switch CLI, will it let you type:

Console(config)# no line telnet

If not, what do your mgmt ACL commands look like? As I interpret them you need to have something like this:

Console(config)# management access-list mlist

Console(config-macl)# deny ip-source mask service telnet

Console(config)# management access-class mlist