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EBIPA settings not "sticking"

Gaute Bekeng

EBIPA settings not "sticking"

Hi all,
I apologize if this may have been posted before. I have searched without finding an answer.

Here is the issue. We have 5 c7000 enclosures with virtual connect ethernet modules. They all have EBIPA setting the IP address on the vc modules. Today I discovered that I'm not able to access the virtual connect management interface in one enclosure. When looking at the EBIPA settings I noticed that the shared connection information is blank (see attached file). If I set it again, it seems to stick but when selecting another option then going back to EBIPA again it is gone. VC firmware is at 3.01 and oa at 3.11. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or may have some suggestion on how to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Gaute Bekeng

Re: EBIPA settings not "sticking"

Upgrading to newest OA firmware solved the issue.