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Enclosure link-up/down make use of KVM ?

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Enclosure link-up/down make use of KVM ?



We are currently looking at getting a few blade enclosures for a project (one C7000, one C3000) - I know we can link the OA's on the enclosures together and since they will be in the same rack this makes sense.


However - we are wondering what happens to the KVM functionality in this scenario? - is it possible to have the rack console cabled to the KVM on the C7000 OA and then connect to servers in the C3000 ?


If not, is the only solution (apart from having 2x rack consoles) to purchase a KVM module for the C3000 and then have a further KVM switch sat between the rack console and the two enclosures ? (seems messy!)


Any advice would be appreciated!