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Error during Creating a VC Domain Group.

Raghu Chikkamenahalli
Frequent Advisor

Error during Creating a VC Domain Group.

Hi All,
Trying to create a VC Domain group on C3000 Enclosure. But it comes out with the following error.
Error during Create VC Domain Group [scg]. Details: The server profile cannot be assigned to the Server Bay because the device associated to the Server Bay is not a valid device type. To verify that the device in the bay is a valid device type, see the Virtual Connect Manager Support Matrix.

Saw the support matrix and the firmware versions are up-to-date . Can you pls show some light on this.

Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Error during Creating a VC Domain Group.

Try removing any mezzanine cards from the server and then try assigning the profile.
What is it in this bay and what is in the adjacent bays.