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External Port Mirroring

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External Port Mirroring

Hello everyone. . .

Somebody know if can be connected an uplink port of VC to a port from external switch configured as mirroring?

The last question is because of I know the uplinks of VC can operate in one of following three modes: VLan trunking, Vlan tunneling mode or Access mode. Into the enclosure blade is necesary that one server can be listening all traffic of differents vlans that there are in the customer lan.

I tried differents configurations into VC but I not have had good results.

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Re: External Port Mirroring

The traffic coming from the external mirrored port will be discarded by VC as it is seen as external, when capturing the traffic on the blade server, you will most likely see only broadcast/multicast and/or some unicast traffic intended to some blades on that enclosure, having said that you will not be able to accomplish that goal. Easier way will be to use a standalone server to capture that traffic, or a mezz card in conjunction with a passthru module.