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Extreme newbie question on KVM connection.

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Extreme newbie question on KVM connection.

Apologies for the newbie question but here goes:

We are setting up a CCTV control room and the requiremnet is for high density PCs and blades are the obviously solution. The proposal is to use a c7000 chassis and xw460c blades. The reason for using this blade is that we need dual monitors per blade.

The question I have is how do the monitors, keybaord and mouse physically connect ? I have search the HP site but can find no information about this.

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Re: Extreme newbie question on KVM connection.

With the c7000 chassis, the keyboard/video/mouse connection is just a "fall-back position" for initial installation and hardware diagnostics/maintenance. Neither the chassis nor the blades themselves have any KVM connections suitable for use in a permanent fashion.

The connector at the front of the blade allows access to a low-performance ATI display controller, which exists basically because Microsoft Windows insists a server must have a display - the other OSs usable on the c-class blades have no such requirement. Furthermore, the front connector is not intended for constant use - it's mechanically too weak and the KVM cables at the front of the blade rack would limit the flow of the cooling air.

In the ideal situation, you're supposed set up the blade by booting it from a network installation server or using iLO Virtual Media for installation. After that, the system is supposed to be accessed exclusively over the network. If there are problems, the iLO remote console is available to the sysadmin. The hardware maintenance personnel can connect a moveable KVM set to the individual blade for diagnosis and maintenance operations.

In the "Blade Workstation" setup, the HP RGS (Remote Graphics Software) transfers the session(s) of the blade workstation(s) to a separate client computer or a t5270 thin client.

Here's the Solution Planning Guide for the xw460c Blade Workstation:

The popup text on page 9 of this PDF (with the "Nvidia Quadro FX graphics adapter", near the bottom right corner) says it rather clearly:
"[...] The frame buffer pixels are sent by RGS to the client computer for viewing - there is no video connector on the blade workstation that allows direct viewing of the NVIDIA graphics adapter frame buffer. [...]"

With the blades, you will still need other hardware to feed your displays (at minimum, some t5270 thin clients), but you can place the blade chassis to any place that has enough LAN bandwidth to your control room.

The Solution Planning Guide has information about the required network latency levels. In a CCTV application, your systems may be continuously displaying a video feed, so the network bandwidth requirements are higher than with a typical workstation desktop view.

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Re: Extreme newbie question on KVM connection.

Lol, this was explained more than good. Thanks for the info :)