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Fan problem on C7000

Frequent Advisor

Fan problem on C7000

We have a c7000 with 10 fans installed. but we've recently got a fault for 3 failing fans the located as top middle, bottom middle and bottom left. The insight display is complaining fan redundancy is lost, and to move the fans about. I have BL685c's in slots 1, 2 & 3, then miss the next slot, and BL485c's is the rest of the slots. I didn't know if the error was to do with the blade placements. please advise
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Fan problem on C7000

If you have 3 fans faulty then you have to fit the fans according to the "6 fan rule".

Check the documentation but I think it is as per the attachment.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Fan problem on C7000

The fans all have green lights on them like there working, its onlly the insight display when shows them as yellow
Honored Contributor

Re: Fan problem on C7000

Do you see any messages in the OA syslog related to Fans?
IF the Fans are BAD the LED on them will be Amber. Since your Fans LEDs on the back are green, you shouldn't worry.

Try Reseting OA once. Check does it clear the error on LCD.

mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: Fan problem on C7000

I have all of the fans installed and I'm getting one where it's said to replace it.

I got the fan replaced and it's still doing the same thing.

I've updated all of the oa's to 2.30 and still same thing.

Now hp is saying to replace the backplane?

anyone have any ideas?