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Firmware 2.60 to 3.10 causes lost of OA

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Firmware 2.60 to 3.10 causes lost of OA


I've just started to update our C7000s but stopped after the first one after uploading and restting the standby OA, I received a message saying the SB OA couldn't recognise the f/w image and the update failed.

Now I have a working active OA on 2.60 f/w and the SB OA is pinging but unknown to the active OA and is unusable.

I updated locally via the HTTP interface if it matters.

I'll now stop the updates and log a call with HP to perhaps replace the SB OA if a physical reset on Monday doesn't fix it.

Anyone else seen this behaviour?

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Re: Firmware 2.60 to 3.10 causes lost of OA

Seen similar things going 2.60 to 3.00.
I hate saying this, but most likely fix may be to pop the sb module (wait a few mins) and replace.
A fix when i had a firmware mismatch (which caused a similar issue) was to repeat the firmware upgrade.
What does the log file of the active OA say? Also might be worth running a 'show oa info all' from the command line.
Joshua Small_2
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Re: Firmware 2.60 to 3.10 causes lost of OA

Yep, same issue. We followed HP support advice and pulled both OAs, and their sleeve.

Can't help feeling like you don't have the redundancy you thought you did after you've had to do that :(

Certainly fixed the problem with no actual downtime though.
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Re: Firmware 2.60 to 3.10 causes lost of OA

Thanks. Re-seating the OA didn't help but resolved it by a physical connection.

I started an ftp and DHCP service on my laptop, so the secondary OA was able to obtain an IP address, I then followed the instructions from the OA

Lost Password or Flash Recovery requested
Press L for Lost Password Recovery
Press F for Flash Recovery
Press any other key to reset

Flash Recovery Mode

Obtaining DHCP Address...ENET Speed is 10 Mbps - HALF duplex connection
BOOTP broadcast 1

DHCP client bound to address

Please enter the IP address of the tftp server at the next prompt.
Please enter 'serverip':

Please enter the filename of the ROM image at the next prompt.
Please enter 'bootfile':hpoa310.bin

The Onboard Administrator will keep trying to download the image until it succeeds.
If this does not complete, you may press to restart Flash Recovery Mode.
Downloading the ROM...Done!

Verifying ROM image....Done!

Flashing your Onboard Administrator. This will take several minutes.
Do not power off or reset until the process completes

Flash procedure succeeded.
Restarting the Onboard Administrator.