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Firmware Version of Mezzanine cards

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Firmware Version of Mezzanine cards

How can I check the current firmware versions of various mezzanine cards in servers running Windows, Linux and ESX?
Mark E Duhamel
Terri Harris
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Re: Firmware Version of Mezzanine cards

The info below is for FC HBA mezz cards (Emulex or Qlogic).
For Windows you need to install the FC HBA Windows utility to see the firmware rev under Windows.
HBAnywhere for Emulex
SAN Surfer for QLogic

For Linux or ESX look for the text files under the following path:

/proc/scsi/qlaxxx/1 and 2 (filename 1 and 2)
or proc/scsi/Lpxxx/1 and 2
I think Linux numbers the ports as 0 and 1.

There is a Linux-version of the FC HBA utilities as well.

The c-class Onboard Administrator does not provide the FC HBA mezz card firmware