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Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

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Mike O.
Regular Advisor

Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

Can anyone tell me where I can find the minimum firmware levels required to update the C7000 OA to 3.00? The release notes says to go to http://www.hp.com/go/bladesystemupdates, but that only lists the minimum levels for OA 2.51 and 2.60.

I'd like to update to OA 3.00, but I want to make sure I have the correct levels on the blades and interconnects.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

V3.00 is a component upgrade so the firmware for blades/enclosures is as per the 0310 release set.
Mike O.
Regular Advisor

Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

I guess I'm confused. What I'm looking for is something that tells me what are the minimum versions of firmware I need on the blades, ILO, virtual connect, etc. to install the OA 3.00

I was hoping there would be something like the "previous firmware versions" listed at


Here's the situation:

Our OA is currently at 2.60. Each blade (BL465C) is at the v2009.07.27 BIOS with ILO 1.81. The Virtual Connect is at 2.30. Can I install OA 3.00 or do I need to update any other items first?
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Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

got you, but it wasn't much easier before the release sets came out if i remember correctly.

look at the 'compatibility' page and go down the release set column (03/10).

v3.00 of the OA came out after the release set was 'cut' but the versions here are what you want to go to.

you probably need to do the later BIOS listed for the 465's first, then the OA 3.00 then VC 2.32. The ILO is the same as you have.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

I know there's no minimum requirement but it probably saves time when you raise a call and support suggest updating all your firmware before they look at the problem.
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

I believe,

if you have the 2010.01 fw, and you want to update to 3.00, you should update to the versions liste in the 3.00 coloum.

If you have the 2010.03. You only have to update the OA.

Use you own link
select the compatibility tab.
You get 4 coloums in the list.
Release set 2010.01 - Component update -
Release set 2010.03 - component update.

If you are at 2010.01, follow the component up coloum down.

If you are at 2010.03. No other updates needed, but oa 3.00.

Mike O.
Regular Advisor

Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

My biggest concern is the interaction between the virtual connect and OA firmware. The blades I can do one at a time, but if I update OA to 3.00 and it's not compatible with VC 2.30, then I mess up the entire enclosure.

So does this sound like the correct steps?

-Update the blades to the versions in the "release set 2010.03" using the "Smart Update Firmware DVD 9.00"
-Update OA from 2.60 to 3.00
-Update the VC firmware from 2.30 to 2.33.

One more question: when I update the virtual connect firmware, can that be done with the systems all up? We ave redundant virtual connect modules, so as long as the update takes the VC modules down one at a time, it should be OK, I just wasn't sure if that's teh way the VC firmware update utility works.
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware dependancies for OA 3.00?

Hi Mike,

That all sounds OK. Depending on how your network traffic is handled you may experience a several-second outage when you fail your traffic from one NIC to another. (That's effectively what the reboot of one interconnect module does).

As for the firmware sets, each set represents a tested group of firmware revs. I recommend keeping everything within a set to ensure stability; after all if you update the OA outside of the set today, and the array controllers next week, before long you will be well out of sync with any set... allowing HP to finger firmware as the cause of issues.

If you still want to apply a piece of firmware not in a set, refer to the Release Notes for any individual component (like the OA) to determine if there are iLO/ROM/PMC or other firmware dependencies HP is aware of.

good luck, if you appreciate the answers we appreciate the points!