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Re: Firmware on 4GB passthrough

Brian Hahne
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Firmware on 4GB passthrough

We just upped our OA on our C7000 to v3.21 from v2.60.
In doing so, we now see rack overview firmware in more detail, and we see that our 4Gb passthrough is out of date... it's on something that should have been addressed in an advisory back on 12/12/07.

If we update the firmware on these passthroughs, will connections drop, or will the passthrough be rebooted?
We have a cluster on here and it has redundant paths.. we're just not sure if we will see an impact from hitting the firmware on this.
Daniel Bowers
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Re: Firmware on 4GB passthrough

The advisory says the connections will drop on an FC pass-thru module while firmware is being updated on that module.〈=en&cc=us&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=2510341&prodTypeId=3709945

It says that if you have 2 pass-thru modules, such that each blade has one connection via each module, you can update the modules 1-at-a-time. The storage paths would fail over to the second connection while the first module is being updated.
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Re: Firmware on 4GB passthrough


As per my observation, FC pass through module firmware will not be upgraded while doing OA Firmware upgrade.

Once OA firmware upgrade, you need to telnet/SSH to OA then you need to run command Update all. then it will apply the FC Passthrough module firmware(this time only IO will be dropped)