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Firmware update question

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Firmware update question

I am trying to update the firmware on my OBA and Virtual connect. I downloaded the firmware update iso. It claims it has the firmware I need, but it just seems to want to update the firmware on the blades. I do not need to do that. I just need the OBA and VC. I have in the past just downloaded the firmware speciffically for the OBA and installed it from the OB Administrator and that has worked fine. I dont see where I can just download those individual files, and i cant figure how to do this from the bundled ISO.

Michael Garner_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware update question

From the bundles, run the HPSUM utility. Within HPSUM, add a new Host that has the IP address or DNS name of the primary OBA and the primary VC as a target. HPSUM will then target these and update them if possible.

Please be aware that if you are updating to VC firmware version 3.00 or later, you'll need to use the VCSU v1.41 utility because of a change that was made in the deployment method. HPSUM will be picking up this new support in the fall, but until then, you must use VCSU.