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Firmware updating Blades.

jesper thusgaard
Occasional Contributor

Firmware updating Blades.


I want to update the blades in a Enclosure.
I want to do this by connecting a Memorystick with the updated to the OA. The memorystick contains the Firmware upgrade DVD and has been created with the HP USB Key Utility. Is this possible as a replacement to connecting a DVD drive?

It is not an option to test on this system thus this question.

Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware updating Blades.

Hi Jesper,

Note that if you are updating the firmware plugged into the OA you don't need to use the USB Key Utility as the OA DVD can use the ISO.

But it might be quicker to use the Blade SUV (Serial, USB,Video) connector, if you have more than one connector. Make copies of the USB stick containing the ISO.

This might be a lot quicker than using the OA DVD which is pretty slow.

good luck
jesper thusgaard
Occasional Contributor

Re: Firmware updating Blades.

updating with ISO via OA, it works.