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FlexFabric FC Load Balance

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FlexFabric FC Load Balance

Hi Guys.
I would appreciate your help to clarify a doubt I am having.

Is it possible to optimise the available bandwidth on the FC links from two FlexFabric modules to external brocade switches? We are looking for installing two active links (rather than active/passive) and carry traffic with load distribution. I wouldn’t like to manually associate profiles with specific ports, I am interested in a round robin login scenario (or least utilised link) with the available ports.

If NPIV round robin login requests are supported, is there any HP documentation to support it?
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Re: FlexFabric FC Load Balance

O. G.,

I have yet to get satisfactory information on this.

You can get some hints by logging into the fabric switch (Brocade) and displaying the NPIV connections. If I read this right, there is no load balancing.
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