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Frozen Insight Display on C7000 Enclosure

Lash J

Frozen Insight Display on C7000 Enclosure

Hi All,

I was adding 4 new blades on a C7000 enclosure last night, and during the process - I was verifying the state of the new blades by using the Insight Display by displaying the blade info via bay selection.

My 4 New blades + 12 former blades are all operational and can be accessed via ILO and everything.

But I've noticed that the Insight Display on the C7000 chassis is frozen on one Bay info display. It has been like that for the past 12+ hours.

I've even tried to access the insight display via Onboard Administrator, but it won't even activate on there.

Is there anyway to reset the IDisplay? I guess a complete shutdown of the chassis will do the trick, but the chassis is in production and cannot be powered off.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Frozen Insight Display on C7000 Enclosure

You can remove and reseat the OA without affecting the production servers. Fans will go to full speed as a fail safe until the OA becomes operational again.

Re: Frozen Insight Display on C7000 Enclosure

We had the same problem few weeks back and it was sorted out by iLo upgrade to latest one.

Check firmware details in "Rack Firmware" and see the version date installed. If older than 2009 then upgrade them. No down time for servers required for OA firmware upgrade or iLo f/w upgrade.