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GBE2C Switches and Blade Linux Bonds with Radius?

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GBE2C Switches and Blade Linux Bonds with Radius?

Good Day,

I have successfully managed to setup Bonding on my blades using Cent OS 5 64bit on my blade chassis using 2x GBE2C switches.

The NICs on the blades are fully redundant and a reboot of a switch or a manual failing of a NIC on the blade shows that all is fine.

However, on two of my blades lives a Radius Server. I have managed to setup all the other devices on the network (firewall, ciscos, pdus, etc) to use the radius servers on the blades (blade 1 and blade 2).

The issue I am having however is down to the network bonds. As they are in Active/Passive mode, if I attempt to ping the IP of the Radius Server from Blade Switch #2 I do not get a reply. I do however get a reply from Blade Switch #1.

If I manually fail over the bond, the opposite occurs. Now this is obviously down to the Active/Passive setup.

Is their a way to tell the Blade Switches to be a little more clever when wanting to contact the IP of the Radius and to use the other switch?

I require this so that I can have fully redundant Radius Auth on the HP Blade Switches.

Thanks in advance

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Re: GBE2C Switches and Blade Linux Bonds with Radius?

where is the IP address of the GBE2c assigned? is it on Interface 256 which maps to port 19 that connects to the OA? If it is and you are running a firmware rev below 2.0.4, then it is possible your issue is coming from the fact that pre 2.0.4 version, the gbe2c only had 1 mac address that was shared for the whole switch. With 2.0.4 version and after the switch has a dedicated MAC Address for IF 256.

When the MAC Address for the GBE2c switch was shared between management traffic and switching functions (like spanning tree) you could run in to some really weird issues.

I would recommend updating to at least 2.0.4 fw version if not already there.

If this is not your issue, try to troubleshoot the issue by looking at the GBE2c's ARP and MAC Address tables to see where the switch might be getting confused.
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Re: GBE2C Switches and Blade Linux Bonds with Radius?


Many thanks for this!

I have updated the firmware and now both switches can ping the Radius Server! Great! :D thanks...

However, Now I have a Windows 2003 IAS configuration issue that perhaps some one can help me with...

I have setup a policy to give users full access tot he switch however how would one create a policy for read-only users? I have changed the "Service-Type" to "Login" with no luck...

Are their any Vendor Specific codes one needs to enter?

Many thanks once again.

Chris Bennett