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GBE2C Vlan Intergration with Cisco Vlans

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GBE2C Vlan Intergration with Cisco Vlans

Hello, we are attempting to setup some vlans on the GBE2C Hp Switch. I am hoping someone can assist...

It is connecting to a Cisco 3560 Switch via a trunk port configured as

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk

We have then created the required 3 vlans on the GBE2C switch as it doesn't support Cisco VTP.

Can someone please explain the HP difference with PVID tagging and vlan tagging?

We have attempted to configure uplink 20 - as tagged, and then set the vlan PVID to the required Vlan ID Number but something isn't right.

We have read various HP documents but are still having issues. Something that may be different with our configuration is that on our Cisco Network our management vlan is not setup to be Vlan ID 1.

Thanks in advance
Terri Harris
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Re: GBE2C Vlan Intergration with Cisco Vlans


Take a look at this ITRC thread. Does it answer your questions?

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Re: GBE2C Vlan Intergration with Cisco Vlans

Hi Phil!

Did you resolve your problem?
If not let me know I can help with this setup.