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GBE2c Switch

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GBE2c Switch

Hello all

We have recently purchased a C300 Blade centre with the GBE2c Switches, i am a bit of a novice when it comes to configuring Switches and would like to know how i could seperate 1 blade server completly away from the others. basically i would like to create a completly new domain on one of the blades and just need it completly seperate, i know this would be possible but some good guidance would be helpfull.


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Re: GBE2c Switch

The only way to do that will be creating a new vlan on the switch, then add the interface connecting to the server to the new vlan.

#cfg/l2/vlan x --->where x is the new vlan
#add y --->where y is the port

then you need to configure the uplink port (20-24) on the same vlan using the same procedure, that port must be connected to the external switch on the same vlan aka new domain.