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Gb2ec Switch - Management

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Gb2ec Switch - Management

I have given both my Gb2ec blade switches Ip addresses in our Network management VLAN (, VLAN 30)



interface ip 1
        ip address
        vlan 30
interface ip 256
        ip address n.n.n.n m.m.m.m

ip gateway 1 address
ip gateway 1 enable


The question I have is how can the OA access the switches.  It attempts to connect to whatever IP address I give to interface 256 but cannot connect.


It will not allow me to put i/f 256 into any vlan other than 4095.



If I was to make this a totally private VLAN for use by the OA's only, what do I set ip gateway 4 to be?


I am really baffled on how the OA commuinicates with the switches, so any halp whatsoever is going to be greatly appreciated as I have spent far too long on this now :)






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Re: Gb2ec Switch - Management

The OA will utilize internal ports via the midplane to manage interconnect modules within an enclosure.


Here is some text from the user guide found at the following site:


   Port 19 is reserved for connection to the Onboard Administrator module for switch management."




  "By default, the X-connect ports (17 and 18) are disabled."


X-connect ports are used to communicate across the midplane between two adjacent switches.



What I  have noticed with these switches is that the OA does not control the management interface.  Typically the Enclosure Bay IP Addressing is used to configure the management IP of interconnect modules.  However, from what I read, these switches need to have their management interfaces configured manually.


  "The switch is configured manually using a command line interface, a browser-based interface, or an SNMP interface."




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Re: Gb2ec Switch - Management

Thanks for the reply Bob.


U have ports 17 & 18 disabled and each of the blade switches has an uplink to another switch on the LAN.


I have configured a management address on the switches on our Network Mgmnt VLAN (30), so the only use for having an IP address on i/f 256 (and ip gateway 4) is for connections from the OA.   If appears that connections from the OA always go over port 19 to ip i/f 256.  I can allocate a new subnet for this but where I am confused is what I should set the ip gateway 4 to on the switches?