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GbE2 v3.2.13 upgrade caused havoc.

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GbE2 v3.2.13 upgrade caused havoc.


Yesterday I decided to upgrade our two GbE2 switches and ran into a few problems.

First off, this was my upgrade path:
- From 2.2.0 to 3.0.1
- From 3.0.1 to 3.1.0
- From 3.1.0 to 3.2.13

The problem that occured was basically the lack of connectivity on vlan 1 and the 7 other vlans.

I noticed STP was blocking ports and/or had become designated STP root, which is incorrect.

So I started to strip the config.
I removed the trunk (Link Aggreggation), running only 1 cable from our Nortel 5510 to Blade-swA
I turned off STP.
The problem persisted.

Now to make things even more fun, these things also entered the picture.
- Even though STP was turned off and/or STP was forwarding over interconnecting port 17 and 18, I could still not ping between the two switches.
- Sometimes I managed to ping uplink from blade-SW-A, but rendering blade-SW-B unable to ping anything.
- If I connected my laptop to port 24 (PVID 1, untagged) I could ping the whole of my VLAN-1 network, but not the switch itself.
- Nut if I just did a reboot of the switch or something, I could only all of the sudden ping the blade-switch, without any configuration changes. But then I would not be able to ping anything else in the network.

I rolled back the firmware to 2.2.0 and chucked in the backed up configuration and voila - things were back to normal.

Anyone care to take a shot at this problem? =)