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GbE2c configure uplink port

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GbE2c configure uplink port

Hi everyone,


I need separate uplink traffic to different uplink port

like this

traffic from port 1-8 go to uplink port 20

traffic from port 9-16 go to uplink port 21


Any ideas?

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Re: GbE2c configure uplink port

Pick two unused VLAN numbers. For example, 101 and 102. Assign descriptive names for them, and enable them.


Configure ports 1-8 and uplink port 20 to VLAN 101 only.

Configure ports 9-16 and uplink port 21 to VLAN 102 only.

Make sure VLAN tagging is turned OFF for all these ports.


As all the ports are in untagged mode, the switch module won't accept nor emit VLAN tags. So everything will work just as before... except that ports 1..8+20 are now separated from ports 9..16+21.