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Gbe2c Layer2/3 switches & Procurve 2910al

Chris Rosan2
Frequent Advisor

Gbe2c Layer2/3 switches & Procurve 2910al

I'm putting in a solution which has 6 Gbe2c Layer 2/3 switches, which need to uplink to 2x 2910al gigabit switches. Uplinks will either be RJ45 gigabit or fibre (but won't make a difference for this).

There will be around 7 vlan's, some that need to travel across all switches, some that will just reside on the "pair" of Gbe2c L2/3's.

Also, there will be some Netapp SAN/NAS devices (using NFS & iscsi) that will be plugged into 1 of the pairs.

I've got a few questions.

Does anyone have a similar setup that they can point me in the right direction? The UI & CLI on these switches is pretty crappy (we'll get the Cisco's next time).

Also, the Netapp's (there are 2) will have 2 interfaces into each of the switch pair's for redundancy AND load-sharing. I need it to essentially be a port group across both switches in the "pair" (I'connect bays 5 & 6).

Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated, and points will be generously assigned.

Thanks in advance all.