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Gbe2c Module Fault?

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Gbe2c Module Fault?


We have a 7000 enclosure with 6xGbe2c switch modules. We've had one of the modules replaced due to a fault already and now we have one module permenantly complaining that it cannot see the default gateway.

The error is :

ALERT ip: cannot contact default gateway

This fault makes communication with the switch almost impossible as it happens every 4 seconds. I've changed the uplink ports, utp cables, and the chassis bay and the problem remains on the switch. All of the switches have the latest firmware.

Oddly, if I remove the switch completely then another switch module in a different bay begins to display the same error although not as frequently.

HP seem quite happy to swap the switch out (already have done once but there are none in the country at the moment). But I'm starting to think that this isn't necessarily a hardware issue. Although the configs are identical on all the other switches in the other bays and they all run through the same hardware.

I would like to hear from anybody with any ideas of what the problem may be.

Also, is there any reason why a blade connected to the GBe2c modules should not be able to ping a module in bay 1? I've been told that this is a feature by an engineer. But it seems to me that it is a draw back.

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Re: Gbe2c Module Fault?


where is your IP Address and Gateway configured? If it is on Interface 256 then the system is trying to reach the gateway through the OA/ILO Port. If the address is on some other interface, than the gateway is trying to be reached through the switch's uplink ports. "/i/ip" from the AOS CLI will give you the info you need.

Are all of your switches using the same interface to communicate with the gateway? The problem could be a VLAN configuration issue.

When GBE2c modules are using Interface 256, they cannot communicate with other interconnect bays but have full reachability elsewhere. So a GBE2c module in Bay 2 would not be able to communicate with a GBE2c in Bay 1 if they are using Interface 256. Although it may be a draw back, it is normal behavior.
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Re: Gbe2c Module Fault?


Try to re initialize the switch to the factory setting then re configure it
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Re: Gbe2c Module Fault?

Thanks for the ideas guys. The IP is configured on interface 256 and I've tried reseting the switch completely.

I've moved the offending switch to another bay and a new IP address and the problem has followed it. I've put another switch in it's bay and configured it to have it's IP address and it works fine. It's odd! I don't suppose anyone knows whether or not this is default behaviour for one switch in the chassis? I'd hope it wasn't, obviously.