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HP BL460C Temperature sensors

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Occasional Contributor

HP BL460C Temperature sensors


Under RedHat 5 I can quite happy monitor the Temperature sensors using IPMITools

The tool reports 9 temperature sensors.
Is there a document which lists which Sensor is which ?

e.g what is the difference between Temp 1 and 9
Is any of the sensors a ambient Temperature


Richard Brodie_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP BL460C Temperature sensors

You should be able to match them up with what the onboard administrator web page shows for that bay.

You can get useful stuff out of the XML scripting interface. If you're a nagios fan, I can recommend

This is for the BL460c G6 but I hope still applies...
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP BL460C Temperature sensors


Spot on , I should have tried that in the first place.
Insted of trying to look up HP Docs.

If any body else is instersted
Temp 1: Ambient Zone Ok 31C Caution: 42C; Critical:46C
Temp 2: CPU 1 Ok 40C Caution: 82C; Critical:83C
Temp 3: CPU 2 Ok 40C Caution: 82C; Critical:83C
Temp 4: Memory Zone Ok 41C Caution: 87C; Critical:92C
Temp 5: Memory Zone Ok 39C Caution: 85C; Critical:90C
Temp 6: Memory Zone Ok 42C Caution: 85C; Critical:90C
Temp 7: System Zone Ok 37C Caution: 85C; Critical:90C
Temp 8: System Zone Ok 46C Caution: 78C; Critical:83C
Temp 9: System Zone Ok 53C Caution: 110C; Critical:115C
Temp 10: Storage Zone Ok 22C Caution: 60C; Critical:65C