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HP Blade C Class Enclosure Questions


HP Blade C Class Enclosure Questions


I am new to HP Blade - So, here I go, I have a Blade Enclosure with 12 Blades in combination of half & full Blades. The external switches are the Cisco 9124e and some Fibre Ports. Currently, I have one (1) network connection per 8-port banks, two (2) in this case back to the Ethernet GBit Core switch. On a normal or best practices, how many ports should I be using to bind them together for optimal performance??

Please let me know about your ideas and proper approach to this configuration.

Thank you!!

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Re: HP Blade C Class Enclosure Questions


First a good link for bladesystem documentation...

Then your question...
It depends on your network bandwith needs. One cable might be enough and the second to interconnect module next to it brings fault tolerance/extra bandwith

What is your LAN interconnect model ?
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Adrian Clint
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Re: HP Blade C Class Enclosure Questions

You've mentioned the model of the blade SAN switches and then asked a question about the blade LAN switches (I think?).
What LAN switches do you have?
And the Core LAN switch ... is it a single or modular switch?

Re: HP Blade C Class Enclosure Questions

Hello gentlemen:

I've been out and under due to illness, sorry. I know you just trying to help and I will get back to you as soon as I return to the office, hopefully Monday.

90% of these blades have Oracle 10g installed on them and mostly are in production environment. These servers are stand-alone Oracle db servers meaning, no Oracle RAC of any kind.

To me, one single network connection from the enclosure switch to our Cisco Core GigE switch would not be adequate if we have 8-9 blades doing OLTP and non OLTP Oracle environment.

Almost like setting another GigE switch in a rack with one single uplink to the core switch and have multiple servers hang off from there.

Not mentioning, we have multipath (eth0 & eth1) bonded on every blade servers in this enclosure.

As you can tell, I am very new to the Blade enclosure type of an environment, but I can tell that something is not correct as far as network & bandwidth connectivity on the backside of these enclosure switches.

Please share your ideas about this topic.

I do appreciate all your help on this.

Have a great weekend.

Adrian Clint
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Re: HP Blade C Class Enclosure Questions


First I think your question has nothing specifically to do with blades. You seem to be asking how much bandwidth your Oracle configuration requires.

If you have 1 1Gb connection from each of the two switches in the blade enclosure then yes it may not be enough. But thats for the Oracle consultant to tell you.

You could take more than one cable from a blade cisco switch to a core switch and then LACP 802.3ad trunk them.

If you are using the Windows NIC teaming utility on the blades and its set to Transmit Load Balancing then the half height blades will transmit on 2 NICs and receive on 1. The full height will transmit on 4 NICs and receive on 1.


Otherwise ... how long a piece of string do you want.